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Categories of political parties

Party Category
GL centre-left
PvdA centre-left
CDA centre-right
VVD centre-right
Volt centre-right
D66 centrism
50PLUS centrism
Lijst Henk Krol centrism
CU centrism
CODE ORANJE centrism
DENK centrism
SP left-wing
PvdD left-wing
BIJ1 left-wing
Piratenpartij left-wing
SGP right-wing
BBB right-wing
PVV right-wing (populist)
JA21 right-wing (populist)
FVD right-wing (populist)
Fractie-Nanninga right-wing (populist)
Blanco (Zeven A.J.L.B.) unknown
NLBeter unknown
OPRECHT unknown
Partij voor de Republiek unknown
JONG unknown
LP (Libertaire Partij) unknown

A. Coalition parties (VVD, CDA, D66 and CU combined)

B. Populist Opposition (FvD, PVV and JA21)

C. Leftwing opposition (PvdA, GL, SP, PvdDieren)