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Data Stories

Verhalen uit multimediale archieven, mogelijk gemaakt door de Media Suite
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Bekijk dataverhalen en -visualisaties die voortvloeien uit de metadata van multimediaal archiefmateriaal uit de collecties van toonaangevende Nederlandse erfgoedinstellingen.

Meten is onderzoeken - 20 jaar Tegenlicht in data

June 23, 2022

Twintig jaar Tegenlicht biedt een schat aan metadata en spraaktranscripten om te analyseren. Hoe heeft de aandacht van Tegenlicht voor technologie in verschillende facetten zich in deze tijd ontwikkeld? Deze vraag hebben we aan de hand van de data onderzocht. Hieruit blijkt duidelijk - Meten is niet weten, meten is onderzoeken

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‘Ladies and gentlemen…’. Female and male presence in Dutch popular media

March 09, 2021

Gender representation in popular media has been a topic of interest for years in many countries, both among professional groups as well as among researchers. Despite all kinds of initiatives focusing on inclusion and diversity, robust numbers about how many women are involved in the audio-visual sector, and how this compares to men, are not available in the Netherlands. This data story discusses gender in Dutch popular media from a range of perspectives and will develop and grow over time, as new analyses and insights are added to the story.

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Factual divergences in Dutch television news: comparisons between AIDS/HIV, SARS and COVID-19 news reportings

July 07, 2020

One of the defining features of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands has been the early ambiguity of government-issued prevention guidelines. While trust in government measures has arguably risen, the early days of the pandemic were marked by confusion on several “facts” related to the virus: whether people without symptoms and children can or cannot contaminate others; whether cyclists should keep a distance from each other; whether stopping handshakes was a prevention method sufficient to contain such a reputedly contagious virus; and so on.

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15 years of the popular Dutch chat show 'DWDD' - in data

March 27, 2020

End of an era: After 15 years, the weekday Dutch chat show 'De Wereld Draait Door' (DWDD) was discontinued in March 2020. DWDD was one of the most popular programmes on Dutch television. Look through the lens of the Media Suite and discover what can be found out about 15 seasons of DWDD (2005-2020) by looking purely at the data.

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